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I started working part-time, after school, at our family-owned Wholesale travel agency specializing in Latin America. I spent more time on an airplane and in airports than anywhere else. So much so that I was convinced Toblerone chocolate bars were only sold in airports. To this day when I hear Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty it takes me back to all the flights I’ve flown, it seemed to be a staple on the music channels on board every plane back in the day.

My parents were in the travel business, my dad was in Cargo sales at JFK and mom owned a wholesale travel agency on Long Island. So it is in my blood and I have loved it my entire adult life. We were lucky as a family to have had the opportunity to travel, mostly for free, to so many countries and experience different cultures. There are countless photographs of me as a teen with a scowl on my face in places like Rio de Janeiro and Paris because I would have rather been home with my friends.

Fast forward to 2020 and it’s been 3+ months since I’ve been on a plane and I am having severe travel withdrawal.

Our upbringing in a Latino household also helped mold my love and passion for all things Latin American. My mom is from Lima, Peru and my dad Bogota, Colombia. My maternal grandmother was from Antofagasta, Chile and maternal grandfather was from Wales. I declare myself the United Nations.

My love for travel is shared by my husband, Mark. You know you’ve found your life partner when you can travel together. Delayed flights, bad weather, lost belongings, forgotten underwear, whatever the misadventure it’s always memorable.

This is my love letter to travel, moments from my journeys and a little insight to what I know best. I hope you enjoy being here and that you are inspired to see for yourself!



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